5 Smart Watches You Would Love

Living in New York City you are constantly exposed to all the new gadgets, technological trends and new S-Curves out there as they get to the market. Therefore, as the wearables industry gets hot, I see more and more of these cool gadgets out of in the street. On this post, I will show you some of the coolest smart watches out there, ones that will probably give you much more than only the time.

Smart Watches

Apple Watch

This is probably the most famous one of them all and can be used for various functions.

LG G Watch

This Beautiful watch is based on android and offers multiple apps as well with its 4GB storage capacity.


Samsung Gear Live

This smart watch is Android Based as well and include multiple apps but also a build in heart bit sensor that can automatically feed it into your fitness apps.

Samsung Gear Live

Moto 360

Beyond the many apps that you can install on this device, its circular shape is beautiful.

Moto 360

OneTouch Watch

Although this smartwatch is a bit limited in terms of its apps, its relatively cheap (~$150) and beautiful

onetouch watch

What do you think?? Are there any other cool watches that I did not include in this list? Please let me know!

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