The Best purchase that my wife and I have made in the past few years!

When we had lived at Durham, NC we had a large apartment with many carpets. As a result on of the hardest tasks for us was to make sure that we get rid of all the dust that it accumulated.

After exploring the market for possible vacuum cleaners that will satisfy our needs, luckily we have stumbled upon the iRobot brand. Buying our iRobot Roomba 650 (We paid $350 for it), which we have called Johnny, was probably one of the best purchases that we have made together in the past few years!

Roomba 650

The iRobot enables you to keep your house clean without any hassle and wasting any unnecessary time on cleaning. Usually, we program Johnny to clean the house while we are out and then we come back to a dust-free home.

A strong self operated vacuum cleaner

One of the best things about the iRobot is that it is very strong and can remove all the dust that was accumulated in your apartment. In addition, as I have mentioned, we love the function of programming it for operation while we are away.

Roomba 650 different surfaces

Another benefit, as can be seen above, is the device’s ability move between surfaces and adjust itself accordingly. We had in our place carpets and wood floor and both of them were equally clean after the iRobot cleaned them.

Ease of use

The iRobot is very easy to operate, it starts with the fact that once it is operated it will clean the whole house without any assistance from the operator. Also, its programming is super easy as well (a clock on the device that can be planned for a one time clean or a daily operation).

Finally, its maintenance is very easy as well. It has a small drawer that keeps all the dust and dirt it cleans that can be easily removed and cleaned every once in a while. Also, the device comes with a too that makes it really easy to clean all the hair that is wrapped around its mechanism as it cleans your apartment.

iRobot drawer

Is it perfect??

Although we love Johnny, unfortunately the iRobot Roomba 650 is not perfect. First, before any operation we need to make sure that there is nothing loose on our floor since otherwise it will be wrapped around the iRobot’s mechanism and will make it stop.

Second, from time to time, the iRobot gets stuck in the middle of its operation, its battery ends and then it loses all of its previous programs.

Finally, in order to come back to its housing when it finishes the vacuuming, the housing must be in an open area so it could be reached easily by the device. Otherwise, the iRobot moves it around while trying to come back to it, and therefore has many troubles in finalizing its operation.

650 with housing


We love this device and it has definitely made our life much easier and cleaner. I would recommend to do a little bit of research about the different iRobot models out there before purchasing it as there are other options that can also scrub the floor, climb stairs etc.

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