Does Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite Improves The Reading Experience?

As you can probably tell, I love reading. As a book lover, I like to carry my books with me to work, long drives and anywhere else. The only problem that I have with that it is a heavy hobby as books can be really heavy.. believe me:) Here exactly comes the beauty and convenience of Amazon’s innovative product, the Kindle Paperwhite.

Ease of Use and Beautiful Design

The Kindle is very very thin (0.36 inches), and is easy to operate with turning pages with a flick of a finger on the screen. Also, the design of the device is beautiful with a soft and smooth feel without any sharp edges or corners.Furthermore, It’s 6 inches screen (across the diagonal) makes it a perfect fit for my jeans’ back pocket.

While experimenting some of the Kindle’s competitors (tablets, laptops or mobile phones), I’ve found it really hard to focus on my book because of the many unnecessary distractions originated by these devices. In the Kindle on the contrary, everything is targeted in not distracting you from the important thing – the book you read, and that makes the reading experience much better.

A huge component that contributes to the reading experience as well is the unique screen technology,  E-Ink Carta, which makes the reading easier without any unnecessary effort on your eyes with crisper text appearance (in addition to the new font that was invented by Amazon).

Obviously, like in previous versions of the Kindle Paperwhite, the device still has light for reading in the dark, and can hold more than 1000 books.


So, as I mentioned in the beginning of this post the Kindle Paperwhite was a great improvement for my life and especially for my back:) I would definitely recommend it to anyone that likes to read books and carry them around.









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