Developing an Innovation Capability From Within

In last week’s post, I’ve written about developing an innovation capability by establishing structures within the organization such as Centers of Excellence and Innovation Labs. On this week, I will refer to developing an innovation capability from a different approach, from within the organization.

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5 Smart Watches You Would Love

Living in New York City you are constantly exposed to all the new gadgets, technological trends and new S-Curves out there as they get to the market. Therefore, as the wearables industry gets hot, I see more and more of these cool gadgets out of in the street. On this post, I will show you some of the coolest smart watches out there, ones that will probably give you much more than only the time.

Smart Watches

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Top 10 Innovation Books

Innovation books are fascinating and therefore many authors focus they writing on this exciting topic. As a result there is a flood of books that deal with this topic. Some of them are great, while others are not so much.

As a result, I decided that on this post, I would do my best to list the 10 greatest innovation books that were ever written so you could shorten your lists to something more reasonable. Later in the year, I will post also reviews on all of these books so you could read and choose whether they are interesting or not for you.

Top 10 Books

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What is the Difference Between Centers of Excellence and Innovation Labs?

As the importance of innovation rise among different industries, executives seek for alternative approaches and structures that will ensure their ability to innovate successfully.

Gladly, there are various proven ways to design an innovative organization that will have the ability to adapt itself and successfully reach its growth goals and objectives. To achieve these, companies should decide whether they would like to work with their existing organizational structures (which will be covered on next week’s post) or create completely new ones (e.g. Centers of Excellence and Innovation labs).


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What is the Innovator’s Dilemma?

On this post I would like to explain more about the Innovator’s Dilemma. This concept was coined by Harvard Business School’s professor Clayton Christensen in one of the most impactful books ever written about innovation that is called the Innovator’s Dilemma

Innovators Dilemma

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How to make money out of your phone?

On this post I would like to tell you all about a new app that is still in its growth stage of the innovation S-Curve, which I assume will grow strong in the near future. The name of the App is Drizzle and on a nutshell it pays you to send and receive text messages from your mobile phone. Currently, the App has about 2,000 downloads and it is growing pretty fast.

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5 Cool Smart Home Gadgets You Must Know About

After writing about August last month and about the best purchase that my wife and I had ever made, I’ve decided to do a research about other cool gadget related to the Home Automation Field that will be popular in the near future.

1. Canary– This new smart home security device will ensure that your house will be secured at any time.


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5 Best Practices to Learn From the Start Up Nation

About a week ago, I’ve learned from Innovation Guru, Gijs Van Wulfen, about Compass. This organization develops a ranking of the global startup ecosystems. Looking at this ranking I’ve noticed that Tel Aviv, Israel is the first hub outside of the US on the list (at 5th place). To learn more about this phenomenon, I decided to read the book Start-Up Nation, that explains the reasons behind the country’s success in Start-Ups in particular and technology in general.

Start-Up Nation

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The Innovation S-Curve

One of the most famous concepts in Innovation is the Innovation S-Curve, the technology life cycle. This framework, which operates alongside the Bass Model, is used to determine performance in regards to time and effort. It assists in determining the level of maturity of the industry / product.

As a result, when evaluating a product or an industry, it is crucial to understand where it is on the S-curve due to the many implications that result out of that such as the possible risks and pitfalls that are associated for certain phases on it.


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The Best purchase that my wife and I have made in the past few years!

When we had lived at Durham, NC we had a large apartment with many carpets. As a result on of the hardest tasks for us was to make sure that we get rid of all the dust that it accumulated.

After exploring the market for possible vacuum cleaners that will satisfy our needs, luckily we have stumbled upon the iRobot brand. Buying our iRobot Roomba 650 (We paid $350 for it), which we have called Johnny, was probably one of the best purchases that we have made together in the past few years!

Roomba 650

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