OnePlus One – Product Review

After deciding to upgrade my previous IPhone, I decided to check out what is all the fuss about androids that all my friends were talking about. As an IPhone customer, who was sure that nothing can beat my beloved device and operating system, I decided to research the market for something new and unique.

From this research I’ve found the One, an invite only mobile device by OnePlus, an android based device that has incredible specs and performances. This great device is being sold for less than 50% of its competitors ($249 for the 16GB, $299 for the 64GB).


The device is a little bit bigger than the usual smartphone (6.02 inch H,
2.99 inch W, 0.35 inch D), and although it light weight (160 gr), you will have some troubles in the beginning to fit it into your pocket. However, the designers managed to provide it with a beautiful slick shape and also a unique material on its backside (on the sandstone black version of the device) as can be seen below that everyone who see and feel it raves about.


The Operating System

The Android based OnePlus One operates best on Cyanogen or Oxygen which both were developed mainly for this device. Both OS offers a very high level of customization from changing the color of lighting to the very cool finger gestures for specific actions (turn on the device from locking mode, turn on the camera/ flashlight etc..). Also, for you button lovers, there is an ability to display the main keys on the screen or outside of the display (a menu key, a home key, and a back up key) which is really cool and comfortable.

In addition, the Qualcomm chip inside of it assist the device to operate smoothly and fast with all the apps that I’ve downloaded to it from google play.


Cameras and Screen

The OnePlus One has two cameras a rear one (13 Megapixel) that has a dual led flash capability and a front one (5 Megapixel) both are totally fine and create great pics that are displayed on a 5.5 inch excellent screen. The beauty of the screen is its ability to present great colors with detailed components.


Possible upgrades

As I mentioned, the device and its very low proce point are great, however there are still some possible upgrades to it. First, there are still some bugs in the operating system that cause it to crash every couple of weeks which can be quite annoying. The other problem that I’ve encountered is the customer service which operates online and ask you to film your problem and only then attends it.



The OnePlus One is an amazing device that I highly recommend on. I love it and enjoy using it. Although there are still possible upgrades the value for money that you receive is uncomperable for other mobile devices out there. The only reason not to buy it is to wait for the OnePlus Two that is projected to be released in the near future.

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