The Best of CES 2016

One of the largest tech conferences around is CES. Traditionally, the Las Vegas event provides tech enthusiasts with a glimpse into the future, what should they expect to see from the industry’s incumbents and start-ups in the future. As always, this year’s event was no exception with some amazing gizmos, gadgets and innovations.

In this post I will do my best to summarize the top innovations from there!

ces 2016

Innovative Wearables 

As featured in this blog in the past, Doppler Labs’ active listening earbuds were considered one of the top innovations in the convention this year. these unique earbuds enable the user to control via mobile the level of sounds around him and create better holistic experiences. Doppler enables users to immerse themselves within their environment as a new way to experience augmented reality.

active Listening Another product that is very similar to Dashbone, a product that was featured here in the past as well,  is Avegant Glyph’s personal theater. This cool gadget is finally ready to its consumer launch and is planned to be priced at $599 in retail stores. The Glyph has won the “Best of CES” this year and something tells me that it will be one of the better ways to consume your media in years to come.

Avegant Glyph

Another cool wearable that we’ve featured one of its earlier versions here is the FitBit Blaze. This version of the fitness tracker has a color touchscreen and it reminds the Apple Watch colors and appearance a lot. The fact that it is thinner than Apple’s device and is better colored in comparison to most other fitness trackers makes it very appealing for consumers. In addition, it includes an improved HR sensor for more accurate tracking.

FitBit Blaze

Transportation and Drones

A huge area that attracted a lot of attention this year is transportation. However, in comparison to other years’ innovations in road transportation, this year’s conference included also an impressive presence of air transportation vehicles.

As a result, one of the most famous photos out of the event is the Ehang 184 AAV (Autonomous Aerial Vehicle) below. This amazing 200kg drone has the ability to autonomously carry a single passenger around. Did we just started a new Innovation-S-Curve here? Now, the regulator should come into the game and determine what are the rules for such vehicles.

Ehang 184

On the road, there was a unique cool vehicle, the Farady Future FFZero1. This concept car is something else than your average car in the street, it is literally a Batmobile! it has 1000 horsepower and is a fully autonomous supercar. Furthermore, it enables the driver to customize its experience based on a mobile phone configuration based on the driver’s preference of driving. Still, don’t expect to see it tomorrow on your way to work as it is far from retail production yet.

FF Zero1

Virtual Reality for the masses

For the past couple of years, VR has became one of the hottest trends in the technology world. At this year’s CES, one could tell that 2016 will be the year in which the three major players in the market, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Sony PlayStation’s VR will finally take their devices to the consumers’ homes.


The large question that still remains open even after the conference is which one of these will win the consumer’s wallet? As seen in other industries and cases, this question is one of the biggest around innovation adoption and is very hard to predict. Therefore, 2016 will provide us with another amazing race around the emergence of a dominant design in a new industry. I promise to keep you posted about this fascinating race!

HTC-ViveMeanwhile, if you are interested, Oculus just announced that their headset will cost $599 and will be available in retail stores on Q1 2016.

PlayStation VR

So these were my top products from CES 2016. Hope that we will see most of them at consumers hand during 2016 and not getting stuck in production. I am sure that you all have additional products that you have seen there and believe that should be part of the list as well, so please join the conversation and let me know about them here!

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