The Big Data Driven Business – Book Review

Recently, I visited a good friend for watching the NBA finals. My friend, who works for one of the leading IT organizations worldwide have mentioned that he’d received a new book about Big Data and how it affects today’s business world and asked me for my opinion about it. Since my friend was busy with his new baby, he offered me to borrow the book.

The book is written by Russel Glass, a marketing executive at LinkedIn, and Sean Callahan, also a marketing executive at LinkedIn. Both of them where involved with Bizo, which was acquired by LinkedIn.

After reading the book which is relatively short (~200 pages), I can’t say that I’ve became much more educated about the topic. Although the book is written in simple language and does not demand any special prior understanding about the topic, I felt along its reading as if it is an ad for Bizo, which appears in the book’s examples multiple times and for LinkedIn.

Still, there are some great correlations regarding the development of the importance of Data and how the relationship between it and businesses has shifted along the years (with some nice examples from the TV drama Mad Man to illustrate these developments better).

From my professional experience and understanding of this market, I can say that there are great examples with much larger scales for using Big Data correctly. Hence, I believe that the authors could use these examples to demonstrate their points and ideas. Doing so, could change the book to much more engaging and also reflect the huge impact this trend has on today’s business world.

As a result, I will have to return this book to my friend and tell him that he should read a different book if he is interested in a good book about this interesting topic.


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