5 Cool Smart Home Gadgets You Must Know About

After writing about August last month and about the best purchase that my wife and I had ever made, I’ve decided to do a research about other cool gadget related to the Home Automation Field that will be popular in the near future.

1. Canary– This new smart will ensure that your house will be secured at any time.

2. Savant– This dynamic control system enables you to control and automate everything in your home (e.g. shutting doors, turning on lights and devices).

3. Quirky– This will learn your habits and use this information to cool your home more efficiently.

4. Nest Protect– This will notify your smartphone in case of an emergency or if the device has any problem (e.g. power problem).

5. Netatmo Welcome– This can recognize your face and create a log of everyone it recognized according to profiles you create.


Now, the only thing that is left to do is to see how these products will be diffused in the market and cross the chasm.

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