Does Innovation have a Dark Side?

As innovation lovers, we always like to describe innovation as a great, positive and helpful thing. However, as Clayton Christensen describes in his famous article “The Innovator’s Dilemma“, a lot of companies, oftentimes incumbents, experience in their industries, innovation has a negative, darker side as well. This side can damage these incumbents and wipe them away. Exactly on this topic, Dr. Ankush Chopra, has written his book .

Top 10 Innovation Books

Innovation books are fascinating and therefore many authors focus they writing on this exciting topic. As a result there is a flood of books that deal with this topic. Some of them are great, while others are not so much.

As a result, I decided that on this post, I would do my best to list the 10 greatest innovation books that were ever written so you could shorten your lists to something more reasonable. Later in the year, I will post also reviews on all of these books so you could read and choose whether they are interesting or not for you.

5 Best Practices to Learn From the Start Up Nation

About a week ago, I’ve learned from Innovation Guru, Gijs Van Wulfen, about Compass. This organization develops a ranking of the global startup ecosystems. Looking at this ranking I’ve noticed that Tel Aviv, Israel is the first hub outside of the US on the list (at 5th place). To learn more about this phenomenon, I decided to read the book , that explains the reasons behind the country’s success in Start-Ups in particular and technology in general.

The Art of Start- Book Review

Gal's Insights

A good friend of mine who decided to leave his job and pursue his own business, has asked me to assist him in developing his initial idea into a business. During our conversation, he had many questions and concerns about various aspects of his new business such as:

  • Should he write a business plan?
  • How and when he should raise his capital?
  • How should he choose his team?
  • How should he pitch his idea to others? and how many time should he practice before his first pitch?

The Big Data Driven Business – Book Review

Gal's Insights

Recently, I visited a good friend for watching the NBA finals. My friend, who works for one of the leading IT organizations worldwide have mentioned that he’d received a new book about Big Data and how it affects today’s business world and asked me for my opinion about it. Since my friend was busy with his new baby, he offered me to borrow the book.

The book is written by Russel Glass, a marketing executive at LinkedIn, and Sean Callahan, also a marketing executive at LinkedIn. Both of them where involved with Bizo, which was acquired by LinkedIn.