The Best of CES 2016

One of the largest tech conferences around is CES. Traditionally, the Las Vegas event provides tech enthusiasts with a glimpse into the future, what should they expect to see from the industry’s incumbents and start-ups in the future. As always, this year’s event was no exception with some amazing gizmos, gadgets and innovations.

In this post I will do my best to summarize the top innovations from there!

Can You Assist Me Please?

In this year’s holiday season, based on some of the technology blogs and magazines, the best gift out there is. Having such a digital assistant is definitely very cool and ease your life tremendously. Therefore, I’ve decided to check for myself and you all what other digital assistants, besides Amazon Echo’s Alexa, are there?

The Top 7 Smart Bracelets Around

As you all probably noticed, one of the biggest business ideas in 2015 is wearable technology. The smart wristband trend is taking over and in a recent market evaluation that I’ve read both Fitbit and Jawbone (the current market leaders in the trends) were valued at more than $3B. This means that we are far beyond the innovators and early adopters adoption, and that we are the heart of the S-Curve of Innovation growth phase which I find fascinating, especially since this market didn’t exist 5 years ago!

What 3D Printer Should You Buy?

Choosing a 3D printer is a mess due to the many parameters that are involved in it. These usually include: print quality, failure rate, build quality, reliability, ease-of-use, customer service, software and running expenses. Exactly because of that and as the 3D printing industry is growing in a fast rate, I decided to create a list that include the top 3D printers out there.

The 7 Best Action Cameras Around

After I have graduated from my MBA, my mom asked me what can she give me as a present. As an avid surfer, snowboarder and runner and hiker I knew that an action camera will serve me well but then I have encountered a problem, that is famous by the jam studies, I was paralyzed by the many choices I could choose from.

5 Smart Watches You Would Love

Living in New York City you are constantly exposed to all the new gadgets, technological trends and new S-Curves out there as they get to the market. Therefore, as the wearables industry gets hot, I see more and more of these cool gadgets out of in the street. On this post, I will show you some of the coolest smart watches out there, ones that will probably give you much more than only the time.