Can You Assist Me Please?

In this year’s holiday season, based on some of the technology blogs and magazines, the best gift out there is. Having such a digital assistant is definitely very cool and ease your life tremendously. Therefore, I’ve decided to check for myself and you all what other digital assistants, besides Amazon Echo’s Alexa, are there?

Google Now

Google now will learn you as you use your android-based device and will provide you with information that will be useful for you from sports scores to weather and good restaurants around you.


Similar to Google Now, Cortana shows its users what happens right now using cards based on the users’ preference and habits.

This Digital Assistant perform on top of Apple’s mobile devices and perform commands based on the user’s requests such as text messages, calls, emails, creates lists etc.

M is Facebook’s Digital Assistant, which is still being tested by the company. In comparison to the other Digital Assistants, M will actually have some people in the back-end to support its operations. It can book reservations, purchase items and make suggestions. M can be approached through Facebook’s Messenger’s App.

Alexa will assist you in anything you do at your home from playing music and creating shopping lists to answering questions and dimming your lights.

So what is your favorite Digital Assistant? Let me know by commenting below!

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