How To Save Time and Money On Your Written Communication?

Living in New York is great. Beyond all the tasty food and amazing culture, the entrepreneurial scene is alive and kicking. As a result, if you are interested, you can actually meet new entrepreneurs and start-ups on a daily basis. Therefore, since I have moved to the city about two months ago, I decided to make an effort and participate in these events whenever I can.

At one of these events, I discovered Prooffix, a proofreading marketplace that enables its users to improve their written documents by connecting them to proofreaders who were vetted by the company in advance (this is considered one of the company’s value propositions in comparison to its competitors).

How to make money out of your phone?

On this post I would like to tell you all about a new app that is still in its growth stage of the innovation S-Curve, which I assume will grow strong in the near future. The name of the App is Drizzle and on a nutshell it pays you to send and receive text messages from your mobile phone. Currently, the App has about 2,000 downloads and it is growing pretty fast.

The Best purchase that my wife and I have made in the past few years!

When we had lived at Durham, NC we had a large apartment with many carpets. As a result on of the hardest tasks for us was to make sure that we get rid of all the dust that it accumulated.

After exploring the market for possible vacuum cleaners that will satisfy our needs, luckily we have stumbled upon the iRobot brand. Buying our iRobot Roomba 650 (We paid $350 for it), which we have called Johnny, was probably one of the best purchases that we have made together in the past few years!

OnePlus One – Product Review

After deciding to upgrade my previous IPhone, I decided to check out what is all the fuss about androids that all my friends were talking about. As an IPhone customer, who was sure that nothing can beat my beloved device and operating system, I decided to research the market for something new and unique.

From this research I’ve found the One, an invite only mobile device by OnePlus, an android based device that has incredible specs and performances. This great device is being sold for less than 50% of its competitors ($249 for the 16GB, $299 for the 64GB).

FitBit Charge – Product Review

I’ve received my FitBit Charge for my 31 birthday as a gift from my wife. Since then, I do not take it off my hands, I love it!

As someone who haven’t wore a watch for the past 5 years, I can definitely say that my FitBit Charge is different and has something special that made me wear a device on my wrist again. So let’s explore it and understand what exactly it has.