About Me

Gal’s Insights is a the go-to blog for entrepreneurs, business professionals and Tech-lovers who want to learn more about Innovation.

Launched in 2015, as I decided to follow my passion for Innovation and technology, Gal’s insights has always striven to provide its readers with the best value with all the latest products, books and theories about innovation. In today’s ever changing environment, understanding innovation and its concepts has become integral and therefore it surrounds us everywhere!

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As a kid, I remember that I was always fascinated by this world of technology and creativity. Therefore, I knew exactly what I would like to do when I will grow up. Fortunately, today after earning my MBA and experiencing the innovation world from different perspectives, I am working for one of the leading technology consultancies in the world as an innovation management consultant.

In my role, I assist corporations to plan and build their innovation process ideally, and also aid them in understand how they should adapt to emerging technologies that surrounds them. To keep up to date, I meet numerous start-ups, read all the latest innovation books and test a wide range of new tech products. And here is where you readers are enjoying all of this!

In each one of my posts I will actually share with you all of my learnings. What is the latest innovation trend? What Innovation book should you read? What theory explains why Uber is so successful??

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Every post, I will explore new ideas, products, theories and books and will share with you my genuine opinions about them!

* All posts include my own personal opinions and are completely my own.