How to make money out of your phone?

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On this post I would like to tell you all about a new app that is still in its growth stage of the innovation S-Curve, which I assume will grow strong in the near future. The name of the App is Drizzle and on a nutshell it pays you to send and receive text messages from your mobile phone. Currently, the App has about 2,000 downloads and it is growing pretty fast.

So, What does this new app do exactly?

Drizzle SMS is a new free mobile Android App that replaces your default messaging App on your mobile phone and places small banner ads on your messaging screen’s top. For doing so, you receive drops at the end of each day which can be redeemed directly for your Paypal and Square account or gift cards and products.

Obviously, the recipient of your text messages will not see any of Drizzle SMS’ ads when receiving your text. Also, you don’t need to worry about privacy issues, since the company promise that none of your texts will be stored on Drizzle’s back-end or will be used in any way in the future.

How do you earn money from this?

The company uses the well-known advertising model and receives money from advertisers according to the time the user is exposed to these ads. The Innovation here is using the known business model in a new field and the fact that they plan to share these revenues with their users.

As a result, as soon as you install the App you receive 10 drops. From there on, as you use your mobile phone and App more, you accumulate more and more drops.

According to the company’s Co-Founder and CEO, Ben Mizes, the average user of the app will earn about $3-$10 a month using the app according to the revenue that the company will receive from advertisers. This means that “it is not going to make you rich, but it can earn you extra cash for doing something you already do every day”.

Once you earn these drops, you can enter the Drizzle Rewards Store and redeem the drops you have earned for Square Cash, Paypal, and a variety of products and gift cards.

Another way to earn drops is through referrals. For every time that you will refer a friend to the App, you can receive 250 drops. In case you are interested in supporting my blog please use this referral link. I will really appreciate it!

In addition, there is another option for earning cash with the App, and that is through waking up with it as an alarm. The company has stated that in the future they will also develop additional day-to-day activities’ Apps that will enable its users to earn additional drops.

Using the App

After using the App, that is currently only available for Android, during the past week as my default messaging App, I must say that the look and feel of it is very cool and pretty smooth. In addition, as I’ve mentioned before the banner ads are not interfering at all since they are really small and located in the top of the screen.

After 1 week I’ve received 500 drops which means that in about a month I will earn from the App about $2.5.

Still, I had two issues with the App that I will want Drizzle to fix:

1. On several occasions, when I’ve received a group text message, I couldn’t open it with the Drizzle App and had to switch to my original SMS message App.

2. During the week, there was an issue with updating my Google Play Services that deleted the app from my home screen and caused me to reinstall the app (without losing any of my drops).


As part of the Innovators’ segment, bugs and small defects are part of the emergence of a dominant design. Hence, when evaluating a new App/ product, it is always important to have its final goal in mind.

In Drizzle SMS case, I think that the App is moving towards the right direction and now it is a matter of crossing the Chasm and being diffused in the market. I believe that the potential for a disruption on our day to day usage on our mobile phones is there and soon they will have more competitors that will develop similar offerings.

Anyhow, I will continue to use Drizzle SMS as my messaging App and earn money passively while doing something that I plan to do anyhow.

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