What 3D Printer Should You Buy?

Gal's Insights

Choosing a 3D printer is a mess due to the many parameters that are involved in it. These usually include: print quality, failure rate, build quality, reliability, ease-of-use, customer service, software and running expenses. Exactly because of that and as the 3D printing industry is growing in a fast rate, I decided to create a list that include the top 3D printers out there.

This precise printer is stable and reliable from a well-known manufacturer in the industry

This Versatile printer has a great print quality and has several opportunities for upgrades

This open source unit has an unusual high ability to produce a large volume

This Kickstarter project, is one of the most reliable printers around with an impressive precission ability

This easy to use unit, is well known for its unusual value for money and is great for beginners

This advanced machine is an Indiegogo project. The printer has an amazing printing speed

This consumer 3D printer is a development of the company that pretty much invented the industry. It has a beautiful design and is very affordable

What do you think? Is there a better 3D printer that I did not include here? Comment and let me know!

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