Top 10 Innovation Books

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Innovation books are fascinating and therefore many authors focus they writing on this exciting topic. As a result there is a flood of books that deal with this topic. Some of them are great, while others are not so much.

As a result, I decided that on this post, I would do my best to list the 10 greatest innovation books that were ever written so you could shorten your lists to something more reasonable. Later in the year, I will post also reviews on all of these books so you could read and choose whether they are interesting or not for you.

1. by Peter Drucker. This short book encapsulates everything you should know about starting your own business.

2. by Guy Kawasaki. For a full review on this book read this post.

3. by Michael Michalko. This book provides some excellent methods to generate new ideas in a systematic approach. Clayton Christensoen. For a full review on this book check out this post.

5. by W. Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne. This book assists in changing the mindset of business leaders from competing in the same markets to finding the next big untapped market.

6. by Chip and Dan Heath. This book teaches you how to come up with ideas that will stick in your audiences and will have an impact on them in the future.

7. by Tim Brown. This book by the CEO of IDEO deals with the Ideation phase of innovation and shows that successful innovation are not only for geniuses but also for normal people who can follow a rigorous process of Design Thinking.

8. by Walter Isaacson. This Book is a Biography on one of the greatest innovators of all time.

9. by Eric Schmidt. On this book, Schmidt takes the reader thorough the inner processes of one of the most innovative company in the world.


10. by Peter Thiel. On this book, Thiel, a co-founder of Paypal and an early investor on Facebook Linkedin & Yelp, provides his opinion about business, innovation and different paths to success. Although sometime it’s completely different than what you would expect, it’s definitely interesting!

So this is my 10 best innovation books list! What do you think about it? would you suggest any other book?

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